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  1. I recently had the pleasure and opportunity to contact your group in Houston, Texas. I was connected with one of your sales representatives identified as Ms. Terri Clay. I must say that from the beginning of the call to a follow-up call I always felt that Ms. Clay only had my best interests in mind. She spoke with a manager in regards to a sale price that was currently going to expire the next day and was told that I could still be eligible after sending me (over-night) samples of the product to decide the correct color. She convinced me that I should receive them the following day and if they did not arrive on time then although the sale was ended I would still be eligible for that discounted price. She told me that she would not be in work on Wednesday 11/21/18 but gave me a private number to reach her at to place the order at her home. As luck would have it I did receive the samples the next day and immediately called her to place the order.
    It is my opinion that Ms. Clay took the extra step in tending to all my questions and that is certainly an asset for your business. Her professionalism and dedication overwhelmed me so that I feel confident the order should arrive without any snags. Please convey my appreciation to her for a remarkable job she has performed.

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